Only the Holy Will See God

Sin repeals God but holiness attracts Him. (Read Heaven and Hell is Real) to understand this concept better.
There is no way you can be living in sin and expect to see God.
Seeing God can be in two forms: Seeing God when you have died and gone to the land beyondSeeing God now in the things that pertains to your life

Show Mercy to Others

Many people are cruel and wicked to others and yet they love to be shown mercy!
An armed robber who goes to a house, rape all the women in the house, kill the head of the house and steal away millions, appears before a court and pleads for mercy. Was he merciful to those poor innocent household?
A man, very rich with all the goods of life oppresses the poor man who is in need of food to eat; the rich man call his dogs to chase the hungry man who only came to beg for a few morsel of food to eat.


Methuselah the son of Enoch, father of Lamech and grandfather of Noah is the oldest person ever to live on earth.
He was mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 5:21-27, 1 Chronicles 1:3 and Luke 3:37.

Methuselah lived 969 years before he died, making him the oldest person to live on earth.

A Just Person Will Be Rich

Matthew 5:6 “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied”
It is good to fight for justice and rights of others.
Before I understood this bible portion I use to think those “Human Rights Activist” are just fighting a “Cause” of their own.
But my understanding now is different; fighting for justice was one of the commissions given by Jesus Christ to His followers.
In Matthew 5:6 while teaching his followers, Jesus said “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied” (NLT)

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke lives in Orlando, Florida. He was born on August 19, 1940 in Konigsberg, East Prussia to a German Christian Evangelist.
Bonnke is the youngest son of a preacher from a small village in Northern Germany
He has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967.
The evangelist became a born again Christian at the age of nine after which he went to The Bible School of Wales in Swansea to study.
He pastored in Germany for seven years before starting his Africa missionary work in Lesotho in 1967.

False Prophets

"If any prophet, priest, or anyone else says, 'I have a prophecy from the Lord,' I will punish that person along with his entire family. You should keep asking each other, 'What is the Lord's answer' or 'What is the Lord saying'

Nigeria Pastors and leaders listen and pay attention

“Hear this, you priests. Pay attention, you leaders of Israel (Nigerian leaders). Listen, you members of the royal family. Judgment has been handed down against you. For you have led the people into snare by worshiping the idols at Mizpah and Tabor. You have dug a deep pit to trap them at Acacia Grove. But I will settle with you for what you have done” Hosea 5:1-2
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Adam the First Man

Adam was the first man created by God about 6000 years ago on the sixth day of God’s creation.

The universe and animals had first been created by God before He made Adam from the dust of the ground.
Adam was the one that named the animals and also his wife who was created by God using one of Adam’s ribs.
God placed Adam in charge of the Garden of Eden where he farmed the land and watched over the place as instructed by God.
However God instructed Adam and his wife, Eve not to eat from a certain tree in the garden, “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil”

Laws of Favor (The Laws of Skill)

By Pastor Yemi Davids
Written by Charles Oluyori
Solomon said, “Seethe thou a man skillful in his business, he shall stand before kings and not mean men”
This is basic; where you stand tomorrow is how well you can do your job. I have personally discovered that favor has a lot to do with recommendations.

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Reward of Pride (Ezekiel 28:2B)

In your pride you claim, "I am god! (I am a Don, I am intelligent, I am smart, I am not touchable!) I sit on a divine throne in the heart of the sea! (I have great riches, I build beautiful houses and live in mansions and fly jets) But you are only a man and not a god (you are not perfect, you don't know anything), though you boast that you are god" Ezekiel 28:2B

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Everything (Lyrics & Video)

1. Everything (2x)

Lord you are Everything to me (Sing it again)

Everything (2x) Lord You are Everything to me (2x)

My treasure, my priority

Who can compare to You

All you need is the word of God

Little wonder each time I read the word of God, I feel satisfied, like I have eaten a real food, I get a new kind of energy; I discover new things, secrets of life; how to be a happy and happier person. How to make wealth, how to prosper in life, and how to overcome situations, problems, people and times.
But before today I thought what makes me feel those things I mentioned are because I read the word of God and probably because it’s just the word of God.
To my surprise I discover this morning that it is truly because it is the word of God. Ezekiel narrated how God gave him His word which was written on a scroll and God asked him to eat it.

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Prayer Against Generational Curse

By Pastor Adeboye

In Genesis 49:1-4, Jacob pronounced a curse on Reuben that he will never excel and this affected his lineage years after.

Some people are still suffering from a similar curse. In spite of all their talents, natural endowments and qualifications, they never get to the top.

I Saw More Women in Hell; Any Woman That Uses Make-up, False Hair, Trousers will go to Hell- Sister Linda’s Testimony

Linda Ngaujah narrates how she was attacked by demons in hell after she died on Friday, 15th February, 2013. She recounts her life as a wayward Christian, how she hated men of God who preached holiness.

In her encounter after her death she was taken to hell where she was tormented by demons before she was rescued by the Lord Jesus Christ. She recounts how the Lord Jesus showed her only three men of God in Sierra Leone who would go to heaven.

Sister Linda starts her testimony like this:

God's warning about False Prophets

"I have not sent these prophets, yet they run around claiming to speak for me. I have given them no message, yet they go on prophesying. If they had stood before me and listened to me, they would have turned my people from their evil ways and deeds" Jeremiah 23: 21-22

This is true, many prophets predicts about things that are not relevant to their own countries or society. In the old, the prophets of the Old Testament particularly when there is a terrible situation in the country like the issue of Boko Haram threats that Nigeria is facing today. The people run back to the prophet, who in turn goes to God for answer. But our prophets today don?t see anything other than money, and prosperity!

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